OneDrive File Migration: Summer & Fall 2023

Over the next few months SAIT will be assisting Student Affairs Departments with migrating all personal files to OneDrive. Personal files include "Documents" (Q: Drive), "Desktop" and "Pictures" directories. Transitioning to OneDrive will allow files to be available from any location with internet access. OneDrive offers many advantages including:

  • Automatic backup and sync to OneDrive
  • Simultaneous editing by multiple users
  • Simple sharing
  • Automatic versioning
  • Full encryption

Throughout the summer and after the semester begins we will be contacting department authorizers to schedule and implement this transition. During this time, we will be encouraging users to remove and clean up any unnecessary files from their Desktop and Q: drive. This will facilitate a quicker migration and ensure that only data that is needed will be migrated.

The University has been using this solution for all UConn staff and faculty for over a year with great success.
For more information on OneDrive, see: What is OneDrive? - Information Technology - UConn Knowledge Base